Theatre Training with Matthew Hann

Theatre Training with Matthew Hann

In early 2023, from 6th to 10th March, our dedicated trustee Matthew Hann conducted an theatre training course for local arts facilitators at Most Mira.

The facilitators, hailing from both the local Omarska and Kozarac schools, underwent a week-long session with Matthew to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to independently organize Most Mira theatre productions.

Theatre Training with Matthew Hann

The training aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Familiarise participants with various theatre for development methodologies for behavior change and advocacy
  • Enable participants to apply these methods effectively as both participants and facilitators
  • Empower participants to lead workshops and performances with confidence

Following the training, the facilitators worked closely with a group of 16 students from Omarska and Kozarac schools over the next three months. Together, they delivered 20 educational workshops centered around the theme of climate change.

Theatre Training with Matthew Hann

Matthew expressed satisfaction with the progress, noting that the facilitators did an outstanding job of empowering students to take the lead in the creative process.

Amongst the workshops, the students also collaborated on creating a compelling 40-minute play, showcasing their newly acquired skills to their peers, parents, and community members in Kozarac and Omarska.

We are immensely proud of these young individuals and their impressive accomplishments within a relatively short time frame. Their facilitators deserve special recognition for their guidance and support throughout this journey.

Theatre Training with Matthew Hann

Together, they have become a symbol of inspiration, showing how theatre can be a powerful tool for personal growth and community empowerment.